AI-designed CRISPR libraries

More effective guides, fewer false negatives, reduced bias, better affordability.


Functionally knockout any combination of genes.
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Saturate coding and noncoding DNA with indels.
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Knockin specific insertions and deletions across the genome.
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Knock down gene expression with CRISPRi.
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Activate gene expression with CRISPRa.
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A custom scoring function optimised for your model.
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Fit to purpose for superior results

DESKGEN Libraries are AI-designed and tailored to your targets and model to maximize guide performance. There is nothing else like it in any other lab.

Our approach reduces experimental bias and off-target hits, helping you gather robust and reproducible data for easy analysis and publication — all at an affordable price.

DESKGEN AI designs guides that just work

With superior prediction and ranking of guide performance compared with competitors, DESKGEN AI identifies guides most likely to elicit a signal and roots out guides destined to fail.

Powering every library we make, DESKGEN AI weighs thousands of variables to reduce necessary to generate a phenotype. This approach maximizes affordability and minimizes pre-validation.

Ready-to-use in every delivery format

DESKGEN Libraries are delivered ready-to-use in every kind of transfection and transformation reagent or format.

We now offer libraries as lentivirus, cloned plasmids, oligos, in vitro transcribed RNA or ribonucleoproteins in pooled and arrayed format.

What can Desktop Genetics do for you?

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