DESKGEN Activate Library

Activate gene expression with CRISPRa.
Monitor the role of unknown DNA elements

DESKGEN Activate Libraries use CRISPRa to enable multiplex activation of genes as well as non-coding genomic elements.

They are ideally suited for understanding the function of noncoding RNAs, identifying drug resistance pathways, fluorescently imaging proteins and more.

Designed for maximum impact by DESKGEN AI

Activate Libraries are designed to target in optimal proximity to transcription start site (TSS), selected using our proprietary omics pipelines. This process provides the maximum activation effect for clean and robust data.

Manufactured the way you want

We offer design and manufacturing for any available activation vectors. We can work with standard CRISPRa effectors as well as backbones developed in your lab.

Customize your Activate Library
Vector Yes Plasmid
Type of target Yes Promoter
Number of targets Yes 2000
Model organism Yes Human
Type of activator Yes VPR

A Case Study

How researchers used our CRISPRa libraries to activate gene transcription
Understanding our client

A researcher from NYU School of Medicine was interested in executing a CRISPRa screen to interrogate the function of multiple genomic elements. To accomplish this goal, the researcher needed to target specific genomic loci unavailable in traditional gene panels offered by other library providers.

Made-to-order library specifications

Our client wanted to target noncoding DNA. Therefore, the guide RNA library needed to target specific uncommon coordinates in the genome. Our bioinformaticians took this information and used DESKGEN AI to design a robust guide list for the client, and these designs were then synthesized as oligos.

DESKGEN Activate Library
Library type Pooled
Nuclease dCas9
Reference genome Human (GRCh38)
Activator construct VP64
Vector system Two-vector
Selection marker GFP
Target frame -1 to -200 bp from TSS
Strand constraints Exclude BsmBI site
Full documentation

To support further investigation, we provided our client with a final DESKGEN Library Manifest which detailed the designs of all guides and their specifications, including thresholds for activity, specificity and other parameters.

Manufactured and delivered as a ready-to-use pool

The Activate Library was delivered to our client as an oligo pool. From there, the research team performed the cloning themselves and executed their screen in-house.

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