Our renowned, completely free CRISPR design software allows you to design your experiment quickly and securely.
Knockout Mode

Disrupt a sequence by cutting DNA at a specified site. Induce non-homologous end joining to create an indel mutation for KO.
Knockin Mode

Modify a sequence by cutting DNA at a specified site. Introduce a donor sequence by exploiting homology directed repair for KI.
Genome Editor

A more flexible solution for finding guides anywhere in the genome - includes non-coding regions and long donor design.
Guide Picker

Compare hundreds of guides within a gene region. Combine scoring algorithms to find the best guides for your CRISPR experiment.
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What is DESKGEN Cloud?
DESKGEN Cloud provides a secure cloud-based management and design system for elementary CRISPR genome editing experiments.
How is DESKGEN Cloud different from a DESKGEN Library or AI?
DESKGEN cloud features basic implementations of commonly used scoring functions. Its similar to many of the other tools you already use, but with specialist user interfaces to help you design your guides and donors effectively. DESKGEN Cloud does not feature any of the AI systems used to design DESKGEN Libraries.
Is my data safe with DESKGEN Cloud?
Yes. We understand that scientific data is sensitive. We provide HTTPS encryption on all DESKGEN Cloud interfaces, accessible only through your encrypted account information, and all data is stored behind two-factor authentication on Google Cloud. And rest assured, your data is your data from beginning to end.

and access all of DESKGEN Cloud and TIDE Pro, for free, with one single account.