DESKGEN Library Delivery Options

CRISPR Libraries arrive at your lab in any format.
Desktop Genetics can synthesize, clone and package any DESKGEN Library into the delivery vector of your choice, in the right format for your experiment. Here are our most popular CRISPR options.
Cloned Plasmids
Pooled, Arrayed
DNA Oligos
Pooled, Arrayed
Pooled, Arrayed
Synthetic RNA
Arrayed only
Ribonucleoprotein (RNP)
Arrayed only
Cloned plasmid library

Plasmids are a simple option for experimental models amenable to transfection. One- and two-vector options are available in pooled or arrayed format, delivered with DESKGEN AI-designed guides cloned into a vector of your choice.

Oligo library

DNA oligos are the simplest way to order your library. DESKGEN AI designs are synthesized in a high quality high-throughput process and delivered in either pooled or arrayed format, ready for cloning.

Lentiviral library

Lentiviral libraries are a common option for researchers working with mammalian systems. Lenti libraries are amenable to pooled or arrayed formats and can be delivered either as lentiviral plasmids or packaged, high titer lenti particles.

Synthetic RNA library

Synthetic RNA libraries are useful for inducing rapid CRISPR expression and activity. Synthetic RNA is in vitro transcribed and can be delivered in an arrayed format and includes in vitro transcribed guide RNAs and nuclease messenger RNA.

Ribonucleoprotein library

Ribonucleoprotein (RNP) arrayed libraries are ideal for highly efficient editing as they do not require any endogenous expression. RNPs are also known to induce minimal off-target effects compared with other delivery options.