DESKGEN Disrupt Library

Customized CRISPR library for gene knockout.
Find novel targets with a custom knockout library

DESKGEN Disrupt Libraries functionally knock out genes to reveal novel druggable targets, essential pathways and genome-wide interaction maps in your model.

Each library is custom-designed around your targets to provide impactful data that you won't find with any other CRISPR library.

Designed for maximum impact by DESKGEN AI

Disrupt CRISPR Libraries are designed with Dunne 2017, a proprietary scoring algorithm which outperforms the competition in predicting guide activity and specificity across the coding and noncoding genome.

Manufactured the way you want

Each Disrupt library is built according to your model, delivery method and other parameters. These elements can be adjusted to the needs of your experiment, including custom backbones and components unique to your lab.

Customize your Disrupt Library
Vector Yes Lentivirus
Number of targets Yes 10,000
Guides per target Yes 5
Model organism Yes Human
Type of nuclease Yes SpCas9

A Case Study

How functional genomics researchers used our CRISPR libraries to knock out genes
Understanding our client

A functional genomics group was interested in knocking out a panel of uncommon genes. The researchers were new to CRISPR but wanted to execute a large scale project where both design and manufacturing could be handled for them.

Made-to-order library specifications

The team sent us their custom target list, which our team verified before using DESKGEN AI to design guide RNAs targeting these loci. The library was synthesized as oligos, cloned into lentiviral plasmids and quality controlled with NGS.

DESKGEN Disrupt Library
Library type Pooled
Nuclease SpCas9
Reference genome Human (GRCh38)
Delivery method Lentiviral plasmids
Vector system All-in-one
Selection marker Puromycin
Experimental readout NGS
Full documentation

To support further investigation, we provided the researchers with a final design report and manifest of all guides and their specifications, including predicted off-target sites, mismatch data and activity scores.

Manufactured and delivered ready to use

The lentiviral vectors andwere delivered to their lab as a pool, ready for use.

We continue to provide ongoing support to our client as and when they need us.

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