DESKGEN Interfere Library

Knock down gene expression with CRISPRi.
Reversibly silence genes and non-coding DNA

DESKGEN Interfere Libraries use CRISPRi to transiently block transcription of target genes for a functional knockdown effect on expression.

Transient perturbation of transcription

Interfere Libraries are designed to target in optimal proximity to transcription start sites (TSSs), selected using our proprietary omics pipelines. This provides maximum knockdown effect for cleaner, more robust data.

Manufactured the way you want

We offer a variety of standard repressor effectors for CRISPRi, all available according to your specifications. We can also work with CRISPRi backbones and effectors developed in your lab.

Customize your Interfere Library
Vector Yes Plasmid
Type of target Yes Genes
Number of targets Yes 20,000
Model organism Yes Mouse
Type of repressor Yes KRAB

A Case Study

How a functional genomics team used our CRISPRi libraries to knock down genes
Understanding our client

A functional genomics team aimed to knockdown a range of cancer-related genes from the Network of Cancer Genes database using CRISPRi. They approached our team to discuss how they could customize their library to target this panel.

Made-to-order library specifications

The Desktop Genetics staff provided a DESKGEN Interfere Library based on the team’s list of gene targets. The guide RNA library was synthesized as oligos and cloned into a custom retroviral plasmid vector containing a dCas9-KRAB cassette.

DESKGEN Interfere Library
Library type Pooled
Nuclease dCas9
Effector KRAB
Genome A375 whole genome
Delivery method Lentivirus
Vector system Two-vector
Target frame -1 to -200 from TSS
Full documentation

To support further investigation, we provided the researchers with a final design report and manifest of all guides and their specifications, including predicted off-target sites and mismatch data.

Manufactured as a ready-to-use pool

The clones were validated using next-generation sequencing, packaged as viral particles and delivered to the client’s lab.

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