Genome-scale CRISPR variant insertion/deletion
Knock in any mutation at any locus

DESKGEN SNP-In Libraries enable genome-scale HDR-mediated introduction of donor DNA templates for small and precise substitutions, insertions and deletions in your model.

High-throughput ssODN and guide design

DESKGEN SNP-In Libraries make use of the CRISPR Automated Donor-directed Mutagenesis (CADMUS) algorithm.

CADMUS ranks different options for introducing clinical or functional variants at target loci in order to quickly output paired guide RNA and donor template designs, handling small- and large-scale projects with ease.

Manufactured the way you want

Each SNP-In library is built according to your requested parameters, including customizable homology arm lengths and silent mutations to prevent retargeting. Our team can build your library using stock or custom backbones for unique library synthesis.

Customize your SNP-In Library
Vector Yes Ribonucleoprotein
Target class Yes Enhancers
Total targets Yes 50
Model organism Yes Mouse
Homology arm length Yes 70 bp
Silent mutations Yes PAM & seed (2)

A Case Study

How pharmaceutical researchers used a SNP-In library for target ID
Understanding our client

An industry drug discovery team planned to introduce clinically-relevant variants into tumor suppressor genes. They were looking for a library service that could design both their guide RNAs and corresponding donors.

Made-to-order library specifications

The research team provided Desktop Genetics staff with a comprehensive list of variants and unique parameters for guide and donor design. Our client also requested specific homology arm lengths and locations of silent mutations to prevent retargeting. We then directed DESKGEN AI to design guide RNAs and donor template DNA according their request.

Screen type Arrayed
Reference genome Human (GRCh38)
Components sgRNA & ssODN
Homology arm length 40 bp (each)
Silent mutations PAM & Seed
Vector system Two-vector
Full documentation

To support further investigation, we also provided our client with a final design report and manifest of all guides and their specifications, including predicted off-target sites and mismatch data.

Delivered ready to use

After a final check-in, the synthetic RNA and oligo donors were delivered to their lab as a pool, ready for use.

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